IT done right for small business!

KDB Technical Services inc. are your remote systems administrator, based out of Victoria, BC with customers throughout Canada, for Canadian businesses.

Partnering with select customers who enjoy quality workmanship. We service and maintain MS Windows based infrastructures, their services including AD security, stations, security and remote access solutions and offering cloud services such as Office 365, hosted email/web solutions and SAGE50 or Quickbooks. We also help you find the best solutions for automated cloud backups / business recovery / continuity for your business needs. Call or email us for more details.

  1. Toll Free Canada +1 877.865.1344 Pacific time 8am to 6pm
  2. BC, Canada +1 778.535.7744 Pacific time 8am to 6pm
  3. QC, Canada +1 514.865.1344 Eastern time 9am to 6pm.
  4. Web [email protected]

We are located in Victoria, BC and Montreal, QC with customers Canada-wide. Due to the secure and sensitive nature of our work we cannot accept any office visits.