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Some of our Partners

Western Canada’s premier Motor Home park, owned and operated by the Songhees & Esquimalt First Nations. Full hookup sites with ocean view of the stunning Victoria Harbor. A handful of fantastic restaurants, parks, and landmarks in the vicinity make this the ideal destination for Vancouver Island travels and exploring the oldest city in western Canada. Our 37 sites and Float Home rental are available during all seasons. Open 9am-5pm daily.

Heather Dale and her team have the expertise with respect to all areas of family law, including: asset division, child and spousal support, and custody and guardianship. Our approach is to find the most beneficial and cost-effective resolution.

At Safer Ocean Systems we take your training and career seriously! We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality marine training on the West Coast. Our instructors go out of their way to help you succeed, pass your exams, and leave you with real, relevant, and useful knowledge to begin or further your career in the marine industry.

Million de Tapis et Tuiles collabore avec plus de 250 fournisseurs et partenaires au Canada et à travers le monde, lui conférant un accès privilégié à des produits indisponibles chez la concurrence. Aucune autre entreprise canadienne ne peut rivaliser avec notre offre. Nous sommes prêts à répondre aux besoins de chaque client, où qu’il se trouve, à tout moment. C’est pourquoi, après 60 ans de dévouement et d’expertise, Million de Tapis et Tuiles demeure votre choix numéro un pour tous vos besoins en matière de revêtements de sol.

Campanella & Associés est une firme renommée d’architecture et de design, fondée à Montréal par Sebastian Campanella. Depuis plus de 30 ans, Campanella & Associés offre des services professionnels d’architecture et de design sur mesure et personnalisés selon les besoins de sa clientèle au Canada.

En affaires depuis 1968, Prolifte possède une vaste expertise en location, en vente et en entretien de chariots élévateurs de toutes marques. Notre imposante sélection de chariots et d’équipements de levage, notre disponibilité inégalée dans le secteur et la qualité de notre service à la clientèle font de nous un partenaire de choix pour votre entreprise. Nous mettons aussi à votre disposition des équipements avec bras télescopique et des chariots élévateurs pour lourdes charges.

Capri-matique est une entreprise de services informatiques pour les professionnels, les boutiques et les petites entreprises de Montréal et les environs. Grâce à notre vaste gamme de produit et services, nous voulons vous offrir la tranquillité d’esprit en prenant en charge un ou tous vos projets informatiques.

Fondé en 1992, au départ l’entreprise se spécialisait dans le miroir décoratif. La passion pour le verre était né , et ce n’était que le commencement. L’Univers du Verre, se passionne depuis plus de 30 ans dans la fabrication et l’installation de vos projets en verre sur mesure.  Nous nous spécialisons dans la fabrication et l’installation de douche et rampe en verre intérieure et extérieure et clôture de piscine en verre. L’Univers du Verre, c’est le savoir-faire et le professionnalisme qui fait notre distinction.

The CCIS works with partners across Canada to deliver tools and resources that stimulate Canadians to take action and prevent the spread of invasive species to protect Canada’s ecosystems and communities. The Council’s Action Plan was developed to reflect national priorities mutually identified in national planning sessions while building on the direction of the National Alien Invasive Species Strategy (2004). Since 2008, CCIS primarily focused on key priority pathways of spread, with some work on high priority species such as Giant Hogweed or invasive mussels. The aim is to prevent the introduction of new invasive species and stop the spread of those that are already settled in a corner of the country. Research shows that consistent messaging on ‘sound practices’ targeted to specific audiences can bring about real change in behaviours.

Sheltered facilities conveniently located in Victoria’s Harbour, just across from the city’s vibrant downtown, have made Westbay Marina a home port for Live-Aboard and Recreational boaters for decades. Westbay Marina has all concrete main docks with galvanized steel or wood fingers and able to accommodate boats up to 55 feet.

With the utmost respect to Dr. Maria Montessori and the Montessori Method, we celebrate many of her discoveries, theories and scientifically designed work. One of the most important tenets, Follow The Child, is at the core of our curriculum. Every LKA student is thoughtfully observed, and we provide challenging work with attainable goals. Our loving instructors step in only when needed because we know that our students are capable of so much! Allowing our students to take risks and work at their own pace grows confidence and independence both in and out of the kitchen.

Started in Québec City in 1974, Groupe Denux offers a selection of rental apartments, townhouses, office and commercial spaces in Victoria, Nanaimo, Duncan, Parksville and New Westminster in British Columbia; apartments and offices in Montréal, Québec; commercial space in Calgary, Alberta; and we also offer for rent office space in Montpellier and Nîmes, France.

The future of work is here and it requires organizations to adjust, innovate and execute at lightning speed. At Progression3, we focus on helping our clients grow and maintain exceptional teams for the new world of work. We have placed thousands of people with hundreds of organizations for nearly two decades, and are running stronger day-by-day. We’re experts in staffing and recruitment and offer a full-range of workforce solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of your industry. Founded in 2001, we’re proud to be a people partner of choice for leading companies in Canada and the USA.

Sidney Water Taxi provides walk-on ferry services in the BC Gulf Islands. When you need to get there. Based in the Sidney, BC area, Sidney Water Taxi provides service to most destinations in the southern Gulf Islands, including regular service to Sidney Island.

Karen Bastow is an experienced criminal, extradition, civil litigation and civil forfeiture lawyer who has appeared at all Court levels in BC. Called to the British Columbia Bar in 1998, she has defended cases for people accused of murder, kidnapping, drug trafficking and production, aggravated assaults, sexual assaults, as well as property offences. She has negotiated numerous favourable settlements for forfeited property and monies under both the Civil Forfeiture Act and the Criminal Code of Canada. Her case records can be found on the BC Supreme Court website under ‘reported cases’ by searching her name.