About Us

KDB Technical Services inc. has been operating since 1996. Our founder, M. Daniel Bouchard is a fan of everything IT since his young age when he learnt BASIC and FORTRAN programming on a TANDY TRS80 computer using 8″ ss floppies and Winchester drives.

We have clients in Victoria, Vancouver, Montréal, Toronto and Québec city. We can go onsite at all these locations and more but we usually do most everything remotely. Most of our clients have been with us for decades.

  • Daniel is our head consultant, cloud and infrastructures and systems administrator.
    • was team member of the first ever implementation of a private, automated credit card authorization system in Canada.
    • He was also, for a time, involved in the manufacturing and industrial robotics field as a robotics process improvement specialist in the aeronautical and garment industries.
    • Was IT Director for biomedical and pharma research corporations, CPA firms, manufacturing and legal companies.
    • Is CFR Part 11 and SOC2 knowledgeable
  • Richard is our certified enterprise systems administrator
    • is Microsoft certified
    • Is CFR Part 11 and SOC2 knowledgeable
  • Yvan is our local QC system administrator and business systems analyst
  • Emilie is our CPA and accountant and is happy to lend a hand when anything financial systems/taxation is involved and is experienced in international commerce as well as manufacturing, retail and legal operations.

We accept new clients by referrals or direct calls. We have one policy . We take care of your IT infrastructure as if it were ours. It has served both our customers and ourselves very well. In return we require payments to be settled within 15 days maximum.

Examples of what we do:

  • General IT business operation support in various fields, from manufacturing to pharms and legal ++.
  • Office 365, Azure and Microsoft licensing consulting and implementations.
  • Remote connectivity and security solutions.
  • Email security management and hardening.
  • WordPress / cPanel Web hosting and public domain DNS management
  • Onsite Active Directory (AD) and AAD cloud based implementations and management
  • Backup solutions both local and cloud based.
  • General technical support
  • Project management for infrastructure projects
  • VoIP services for small businesses
  • CCTV and alarm consulting
  • Acting IT director/CIO for SMB
  • Reseller for DELL, Lenovo, HP, Microsoft and many other manufacturers
  • IT mergers and acquisitions / separations